I don’t watch NFL games. (Okay… maybe the odd Super Bowl game!) But I do watch football – I’m Canadian and my professional football league is the CFL. (I grew up in Regina and my CFL team is Saskatchewan Roughriders!) However, even I know who TOM BRADY is!

Recently, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal Magazine, he was asked for his one rule for greatness and his answer didn’t disappoint: “I would say two things: Discipline and determination. When you have really big dreams and you have really big goals, your priorities and your actions better be reflective of those goals. There’s no shortcuts, and you better be willing to pay the price in advance because success doesn’t come before you put the work in.”

Read the rest of the article here: https://medium.com/mind-cafe/the-two-rules-for-greatness-from-the-greatest-football-player-ever-453de7aba819