I bet you have a “junk drawer” somewhere in your house or office. I do! One in my apartment and the other in my office. Why do I love Junk Drawers? I’ve had to be very organized in my life and at my job. (I was a 1st Assistant Director and also a Director in the Canadian/USA film industry for over 45 years.) It always gave me peace of mind to know that there was one special place in my life (in my home or office) where I could just hide away those things I could not be bothered to find a better place for – the (in)famous junk drawer! 🙂

“Why Every Home Needs at Least 1 Junk Drawer” by Alexa Erickson

There’s always that one drawer in the house that gets stuffed with items that don’t otherwise have a permanent home. You allow it to fill up until it can’t even close and you’re forced to go through every item, reorganize, and attempt to strategically place items back in.

This is a catch-all drawer, which is an unsightly, unnecessary mess of takeout menus, broken pens, and to-do lists that have long been forgotten. A junk drawer, on the other hand, is a strategic place to put useful, individual items that are handy to have nearby when needed.

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