I’m now 71 years old – I mean young
I’m an Aries – that says a lot
I’ve had 3 “long term” relationships – we still get along
I’ve been married for two years – she’s a Chinese Dentist

I have two wonderful children – young adults now
I have three younger sisters – all older now
Both my parents have passed away – ALS & Alzheimer’s
I’ve gone through bankruptcy – that really sucked
I’m a Saskatchewan Roughrider fan – I grew up in Regina

I’m a storyteller – a filmmaker, coach, author and educator
I’ve had good days and bad days – and occasionally just daze
I am now living and working in Shanghai – China is an amazing country
Years ago I found myself – then I got stuck in the muck
Now I’m finding myself again – by gazing into the reflective pool
My name is Peter D. Marshall – D is for David
I hope you’ll find inspiration here – or at least a smile

And please leave your comments – and your thoughts
(or I’ll just be talking to myself – and that’s not good)


These are my feet –
and my shadow.

Where does one end  –
and the other begin?